Rings Bought · Jul 4, 05:49 AM

... or at least we have paid the deposit. Susan had already done some research, so yesterday we chose rings at Peggie Robinson, a jeweler in Evanston.

That was the easy part. The hard part was looking at invitations at different shops. Not only are the choices only numerous, any once choice entails chains of dependencies that need to be unknotted. It’s evident we’re somewhat outside the mainstream in wanting invitations that are simple, legible and smart but not pretentious.

Going through a wedding planner (freebie from my insurer), we see there’s an awful lot that doesn’t apply to us. No bridesmaids, no videography, no silliness like garters and tossing bouquets. We’re free to dispense with the useless cruft. I hope that means we’ll have enough time for things that do matter to us.