Second Post · Aug 1, 04:10 PM

Finally, this afternoon Christian showed me the basics of how to post articles to our website. Not that I’ve been champing at the bit; it’s much easier to let him, the computer whiz, do it all, while I sit in a chair next to him and backseat drive, as it were.

But I’ve been anxious to get wedding information up, and it’ll go more quickly if both of us work at it. (The section on “Gifts” was my first post.) Furthermore, I need to be able to post too, if this is to be our website! It’ll also impress my dad all to pieces if I start blogging. :)

The hard part isn’t so much the funny codes for italics, url, boldface yadda yadda. It’s remembering that this is public space, not private, and whatever I post can and possibly will be held against me. Perhaps I’ll post the Miranda warning on my monitor as a reminder.