Registering · Aug 1, 06:10 PM

My mother had come to Chicago to help us address and stuff envelopes. The following day she helped me start a couple gift registries. Thank goodness, because the process is bizarre.

First, there’s the cloyingly sentimental images and language used in the registry materials. Ugh. Second, once I had the scanner, I found it very hard not to get sucked into zapping the bar code of anything that looked even vaguely attractive and/or useful. Questions of “would we really use it?” or “do we have space to store it?” faded away when I had that capitalist ray gun clenched in my fist. Third, there was so much stuff that the number of decisions to be made became overwhelming.

Having Mom’s calming presence helped immensely. The list I’d made also worked to keep me focused (a nod to my father, who would have given me that advice had he been with us, the likelihood of which is roughly that of a snowball surviving in hell). It was also nice that Christian said he trusted me to pick out things we’d both like. (Less work for him, ha!)

PS If you are a wedding guest and want to know where we’re registered, check the URL given in your invitation.