New Toy · Oct 9, 09:39 AM

Christian has installed a new toy for us – DSL! Yes, it’s a techie toy, but what do you expect from a software engineer?

I will freely admit to liking it. A lot. Shoot, I’m not complaining about being able to get into my Yahoo account in 10 seconds instead 30+ with dial-up. Furthermore, it’s a luxury to have someone else – someone whom I trust – who has the skills and knowledge to research, purchase and install it; and then provide free and instantaneous tech support when it doesn’t work. :-)

Mind you, I was okay with dial-up. I don’t spend hours blogging or internet shopping, and I was used to surfing in slow-mo. The only thing is that I do think about how much more quickly I could have made so many wedding-related purchases if we’d gotten DSL back in June, like the shoes…and the dress…Christian’s shirt…looking for a calligrapher…checking out caterers…and venues…researching different Quaker marriage vows…and on and on…oh well. The wedding came off beautifully anyway.