Zweisprachige Menschen besitzen mehr graue Zellen · Oct 13, 04:00 PM

I read it in Die Welt, so it must be true. Well, they’re quoting a study in Nature. It turns out that the real finding was that certain parts of the brain grow bigger in people who have learned another language, particularly if they learned it as children.

Reuters has the same story in English :

“It reinforces the idea that it is better to learn early rather than late because the brain is more capable of adjusting or accommodating new languages by changing structurally,” Mechelli said.

“This ability of the brain decreases with time.”

That’s too bad. It would be useful to be able to pick up languages later in life. Of course people do learn languages later but it’s difficult to become really fluent. You can easily get the feeling you’re stuck in John Searle’s Chinese Room Experiment.