Honeymoon photographs online! · Dec 31, 05:13 PM

If you read this website (and I’m aware of how few of you there are), you know Christian and I married in September 2004. You also know we went on our honeymoon to northern Chile in November.

The timing for the trip was great. We had a chance to recover from the wedding; the weather in Chile was extremely pleasant (November is late spring there); I had a business trip to southern Chile in the middle of the month; and my employer was amenable to me taking vacation time afterwards. (So nice of them to subsidize our honeymoon!)

The wedding pictures have been up for a while, but finally we have added the pictoral evidence of the honeymoon. We added taglines to the honeymoon pictures which we hope will help explain some of the sights you will see. For more information, consult a copy of Lonely Planet: Chile and Easter Island, “Google” it or contact us.

For wedding pictures, here’s the link:

And here are the honeymoon pictures (lots of llamas, volcanos and desert scenery):

We hope you enjoy your virtual trip through the far north of Chile and wish you all the very best for 2005.