Visitors · Dec 31, 05:03 PM

Four-legged, very small and brownish-grey, unfortunately. We’d much rather have the two-legged kind, as they generally don’t gnaw on electrical cords.

They’ve been hanging around the kitchen since about November. Our landlady has been very responsive and is actively trying to rid the place of them. The exterminator put down some poison & a few glue traps, one of the results of which was a stuck, shrieking mouse. I simply couldn’t imagine what the noise coming from the pantry was and when I found out, I was horrified. Call me wimp if you like, but I couldn’t bear the thought of a freaked-out mouse ripping itself from the glue trap and running up my arm just as I was about to pick up the trap. So I closed the pantry door and the kitchen door and hid out in the living room until Christian came home.

The next mouse died a much quieter death. I was in the kitchen and heard a metallic, echo-y scritching sound coming from the oven. I opened the main oven compartment; no mouse there. The only other possible location was the broiler compartment—and to figure that out I would’ve had to prostrate myself on the floor with the Mag-Lite flashlight, and then the mouse could run out at my face… Uh-uh, no way.

I thought about it for a bit. Mind you, I still was feeling quite upset and angry, feeling like things were out of my control, and that the bloody mice had invaded my kitchen and my home. This felt like my chance to strike back.

So I reached over and decisively turned the oven to broil (500oF). Phooosh! went the gas. There were no other sounds to be heard.

Five minutes later I swept the desiccated little mousie into the dustpan.

I feel a bit embarassed by it now – that I took out my anger on a critter that only weighs a few ounces and furthermore is only trying to survive. (My other voice says: dammit, if I wanted mice, I’d go to a pet store and buy some!)

The story continues, alas. I entered a quiet, dimly lit kitchen this past Wednesday and saw a dark form streak across the floor and disappear between the dishwasher and the oven. The exterminator comes back next Wednesday, but mientras tanto we’ve put out semi-humane (i.e., kill ‘em, but kill ‘em quick) traps, two traditional, two “quick-set”. All are baited with the last scrapings from the jar of “natural” peanut butter from the fridge. On verra...

Mouse Trap 1 Mouse Trap 2