Mouse prevention through roommates · Feb 8, 08:18 AM

We have cats again. This time it’s permanent, unlike the long-term cat-sitting arrangment we had last year. Their previous owner developed asthma and had to let them go. Thanks to e-mail and a mutual acquaintance, they came straight to us without having to make an interim stop at a shelter.

So, the cats: AJ is small, gray, female, playful, cuddly and very outgoing; Lieber is big, black, male and still hiding under the guest bed after a week of being with us. It’s a HUGE bonus that they don’t have their front claws. I’m embarassed to say it, but in fact we might not have taken them fully clawed; it was such a hassle to deal with the previous cats’ destructive tendencies.

Suffice it to say that we’re enjoying AJ’s company and we trust that Lieber will warm up to us eventually, so that we can enjoy him, too.

PS For those of you concerned for the cats’ safety, the mechanical mousetraps have been put away. They didn’t seem to be working in any case!


  1. Congratulations, New Parents! Love, Mom

    — Mom · Feb 8, 09:21 AM · #