Orchids · Mar 3, 08:31 AM

On Sunday afternoon, at the invitation of friends, we went to the open house at Hausermann’s Orchids in the western ‘burbs. We left our cars near the expressway on the west side of Chicago and piled into the van with his parents and his grandmother to drive out to Villa Park, yet another suburb where I haven’t been before.

What greeted us, in addition to door prizes and snacks, were several acres of greenhouses teeming with orchids of all shapes, colors and sizes. It was simply gorgeous, to the point of being overwhelming. It also was a great opportunity to try out the new close-up lenses that my folks gave C for his birthday.

My favorites were the Paphiopedilum, Brassia and other unusual orchids that looked like bugs, spiders and/or just didn’t look like flowers but rather like exotic arthropods. I also liked the orchids in nonstandard colors.

However, those either required exacting care or were very expensive, so we got a small $20 phalaenopsis (much like this one) with two stems of flowers and counted ourselves lucky. If we’re really lucky, the cats will leave it alone!


  1. It looks like you went to orchid heaven. It must have been overwhelming to see so many at once. Love, Mom P.S. I didn’t have to enter my i.d. for this message so apparently your website has me in its memory, if not its deadly clutches.

    — Mom · Mar 5, 11:09 AM · #