Quite an Itinerary · Mar 7, 09:24 AM

Arguably this route would have made sense a century ago. (I’m deliberately ignoring any difficulties a war would introduce for that first leg.) These days, it only makes sense if you are in no great hurry at all.

  1. Dep. Fushiki
  2. On ship
  3. Arr. Vladivostok, transfer to Trans-Siberian Express
  4. On train (Khabarovsk)
  5. On train
  6. Arr. Irkutsk
  7. In Irkutsk
  8. Dep. Irkutsk
  9. On train (Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk)
  10. On train (Omsk, Yekaterinburg)
  11. Arr. Moskva Yaroslavskaya
  12. In Moscow
  13. Dep. Moskva Belorusskaya
  14. Warszawa
  15. Arr. Berlin Lichtenberg
  16. In Berlin
  17. Dep. Berlin Ostbahnhof
  18. Arr. Paris Nord (via Brussels)
  19. In Paris
  20. Dep. Paris Nord, Arr. London Waterloo
  21. In London
  22. Dep. London Euston, Arr. Birmingham New St.
  23. In Birmingham
  24. Dep. Birmingham New St., Arr. Dun Laoghaire (via Holyhead)

[Updated 7-Mar-2005: hope the edited text is clearer now.]