Another New Toy · Jun 11, 04:32 PM

We got about US$150 in Crate & Barrel gift cards for our wedding last year. Why people gave them to us is a bit of a mystery to me since we didn’t register there, nor do we ever shop there. However, cards like those are an easy gift, and eventually we did find things that we did want from C&B, like “bistro” wine glasses (the kind without stems) and a cookbook holder.

The most recent acquisition – and probably the last, since the cards are nearly run out of value – is an ICE CREAM MAKER! Just in time for the first heat wave of the summer! HA HA!

As I type, the first batch of maracujá (passionfruit) ice cream has been mixed successfully and is “ripening” in the freezer. After that, we’ll try chocolate frozen yogurt, or maybe cajú (cashew – the juice, not the nuts). Mmm, mmm, mmm, so many possibilities…

Aerial view of passionfruit ice cream in the making


  1. When people install a swimming pool in their backyard and then gripe about all the neighbors using it, I believe it’s called ‘an attractive nuisance.’<br /> When people buy and use ice cream makers to make such wonderful sounding treats, they are going to have folks knocking down their door to share it, or, in other words, ‘a delicious nuisance.’<br /> Love ya and we’ll be there soon!

    — Mom · Jun 13, 08:49 AM · #