Dealing with Adversity · Jul 8, 11:31 AM

Everything you need to know you can learn on the Internet. Just yesterday I happened across an item on the death of James Stockdale, including a reference to a presentation by Stockdale on stoicism as exemplified by Epictetus.

Remember that you are an actor in a drama of such sort as the Author chooses—if short, then in a short one; if long, then in a long one. If it be his pleasure that you should enact a poor man, or a cripple, or a ruler, or a private citizen, see that you act it well. For this is your business—to act well the given part, but to choose it belongs to another.

Without making too much of it, I’d mark the following passage if I were reading it on paper.

Stoicism is certainly not for everybody, and it is not for me in every circumstance, but it is an expression in philosophical terms of how people find purpose in what they have every right to see as a purposeless world.