It's the little things that count · Jul 25, 09:24 AM

The high temperature in Chicago reached 104°F (40°C) yesterday afternoon. In our living room, which is on west side of our top-floor apartment, it got up to 98°F (37°C). The rest of the apartment was a balmy 93°F (34°C). Even the wooden floors were hot, leading us to believe that our neighbor downstairs isn’t faring any better.

We had air conditioners running in both bedrooms, and a friend who doesn’t have a/c came over to cool off. Exiting from the artificially cooled air into the convection oven that was the rest our apartment felt like a physical blow.

So it was a shockingly pleasant surprise to come out of the bedroom this morning and feel that overnight it had cooled down to the mid-80s (around 30°C). Furthermore, it’s cloudy, so we can open the back door to catch the lake breeze. Thank goodness for small mercies!