Anniversaries: How to Celebrate · Sep 19, 08:01 PM

For most of the weekend I was out in the suburbs at the Great Lakes Software Symposium. I was spending the nights in a cheap motel the other side of the highway. On Saturday, I drove back into the city, we had dinner at home and we both drove out to spend our anniversary night at the motel.

Sunday felt more like the anniversary day. I got out early, at 5:15pm: woohoo! By six we were biking the trail in one of our old haunts, Busse Woods Forest Preserve, near I-290 and Higgins. Afterwards, we had dinner at Gaylords, also a place that brought back memories.

Susan christened the anniversary gift from Stevens Point yesterday (a mandoline cutting board), but today I used it to slice pears for cobbler that we’ll have tomorrow morning.