Green Card Holder · Sep 19, 07:49 PM

Got a nice first anniversary present on Saturday: a small card from USCIS that says I’m a legal permanent resident. Time from initial application to getting the card: about eight months. Mind you it’s still not a process to be undertaken lightly, but I didn’t experience any of the horror stories that I have heard and read about. Even so, the authorities here probably know more about me than any other government, including my own. Oh, well.

It doesn’t evoke strong emotions to reach the end of the process. Nothing about day-to-day life will change. I have to remind myself that our lives would have been upended had they denied our application.


  1. Christian,<br /> As far as we are concerned, you are our “permanent” son-in-law too though we probably know less about you than the U.S. government does. We’ll take you on trust!<br /> Love, Janice and Richard

    — Mom · Sep 20, 08:44 AM · #