Breakfast on Pluto · Dec 31, 10:18 AM

Christian and I went to the movies last night – more for him to get out of the apartment than for anything else – and saw Breakfast on Pluto. It’s directed by Neil Jordan (“The Crying Game”) and stars Cillian Murphy. The film’s central character is Patrick “Kitten” Braden, a gay cross-dresser: his abandonment as a baby, his childhood and adolescence in the 70s in a small Irish town near Northern Ireland, and his coming of age in London.

Neil Jordan was born in Belfast in 1950, hence his obsession with the Troubles and his preference for actors from the North, such as Liam Neeson and Steven Rea. I don’t know why he’s got a thing for questions of sexual identity, tho’ it could just be because it makes for interesting stories.

The other major character in the film, in my view, is The Troubles. The war between the IRA and the British, as in many of Neil Jordan’s films, permeates the story line. (Note: Unionists forces didn’t really make an appearance in this film.)

Because much of “Breakfast on Pluto” takes place in Ireland, the pernicious nature of the conflict and its effect on so many parts of daily life, particularly families, friendships and communities, really comes through. It hit me hard when I was watching the film, and I’m still thinking about it even now.