March Madness · Mar 18, 08:53 AM

No, not basketball: the Green Fever that has seized Chicago, that most Polish – or was that Mexican? – oops, Irish of towns. Last weekend the city dyed the river green and held the downtown St Paddy’s Day parade on Saturday and the Sout’side Irish had their parade on Sunday. Last night, which was the actual holiday, there were once again green-bedecked revellers out in the streets.

We celebrated Ireland’s national day by going out for Indian food on Devon Ave. with our friends Max & Cynthia. We sweated our way through spicy south Indian curries and dosai. I drank not one but two mango lassis, the first because I was hungry (it arrived before the food did) and the second because my mouth wouldn’t stop burning.

We did end up hearing Irish music, somewhat inexpertly played by a bunch of college students, when we wrapped up the evening at the Heartland Café in Rogers Park. But that, and a discussion of St. Patrick’s Day (mostly Cynthia teasing Christian about it in the car en route to Devon), was the extent of our celebrations.

Should you want someone else’s take on the holiday, you’ll find a very funny compare-and-contrast of St Patrick’s Day vs. Purim at The Morning News. Mind you, I’d probably not go in for the drinking side of either holiday but I could stand a good beauty contest and some noisemakers…