An avocado adventure · Mar 26, 09:40 AM

It’s a sunny Sunday morning, I’ve finished the mystery novel I started yesterday, the cat’s been on my lap for nearly 45 minutes, I’ve not yet had breakfast and there’s still two hours to go until I need to be at Meeting. What to do?

Hmmm, make some muffins. Banana muffins. So I go to the kitchen, check the bananas that have been loitering in the door of the freezer for the past several months—and there’s only two. I need three for this recipe. What to do?

I see the avocados sitting on the windowsill. There’s three. Hmmm. I investigate a little on the web, and darned if there aren’t avocado muffin recipes out there! (Note: No need to tell me there are lots of kooky things on the web; I’ve stumbled across them, too.)

So what the hell, I think, I’ll mash an avocado up and mix it in with the defrosted bananas and see what happens. For good measure I throw in some blackberries, too (not mashed). They look pretty good coming out of the oven; only a few green flecks betray the avocado’s presence.

And I’m happy to say that they taste good, too. Not as banana-y as usual, but that’s only to be expected when they’re banana-avocado-blackberry muffins, no?