Too darned hot! · May 29, 08:48 AM

Last week the high temperature for the entire day was 59°F (15°C). This morning, at 9 am, it’s 79°F already and the forecast high is 87°F (31°C)! Furthermore, we’re on the top floor of the building, so we get the full blast of the sun. We haven’t yet hauled the AC unit from the porch into the bedroom – it’s a big momma and probably dusty as hell too from a winter spent on the back porch – but last night we needed not one but two fans in order to fall asleep.

Still, it’s better than yesterday, when the temps got up to a record 93°F (34°C), and our building manager had accidentally turned on the heating instead of turning it off. After touching the radiators several times to verify that yes, they really were blisteringly hot, we called her, as did others in our building. (She left a christening to remedy her error, conscientious woman that she is.)

We didn’t go to a movie yesterday despite the cinema’s siren call of deep-freeze-level central air, but in the evening we went to the Celtic Knot to see a solo storytelling performance by Antonio Sacre. I’d seen him perform years ago – possibly over a decade ago, in college – and remembered it as being electrifying. This show was a little rougher, not yet memorized and the kinks till being worked, but it was still fabulous—and free!

Our next thing to look forward to (not including the Procrastinator’s Memorial Day Barbecue later this afternoon, courtesy of friends Meg and Jonathan), is a delivery of freshly caught Alaskan halibut from my brother. This week he’s being “geotourguide” for his girlfriend’s family, and along the way taking fabulous pictures of volcanos and Russian Orthodox churches on the Kenai Peninsula and calving glaciers in Prince William Sound. We’ll have to try to plan a trip up there to benefit from his growing experience and knowledge. In the meantime, I’ll just stare at some of his photos of blue glacial ice and try to feel cooler.