Joint Jewish Wedding Anniversary Adventures · Sep 23, 10:29 AM

The background: Meg and Jonathan got married in late September 2003. Christian and I got married in mid-September 2004. Miriam, who came to both weddings, put the pieces together when she told the four of us, excitedly, that we shared a wedding anniversary according to the Jewish calendar.

Thus we always will know that we all were married on the second day of Rosh Hashanah. None of us being Jewish, we use it as a reason to get together to celebrate our weddings. (That our anniversary is a Jewish holiday makes it a lot easier to figure out when to celebrate.)

So how did we celebrate? Well, in 2005 (or 5766, if you’re Jewish) we didn’t. But in 2006 (5767), we:

The next joint Jewish wedding anniversary? September 13/14, 2007 (5768).