Sick & snowy · Dec 1, 08:21 AM

The former is what Christian and I are, unfortunately. I got hit just before Thanksgiving and have gone from sore throat to cough to congestion and cough and exhaustion. I just now seem to be coming out of it (I hope). C, who had hoped he was the Typhoid Mary, says his throat is starting to get sore. Ha!

As for the latter, last night the first major winter storm of 2006/07 hit Chicago. Most flights are cancelled, the city’s trucks are spewing salt and scraping snow, the roads are ice rinks, Metra and other public transportation is running late, and it will continue to blow and bluster all day long. Isn’t winter fun?


  1. It was a pleasure for once to see the big snow storm south of us. We are sorry that you had to be in it however.
    I too am in the last throes of a lengthy sore throat, head congestation, sinus drainage, general aches, pains and malaise.
    Isn’t it lovely to share the misery! Hope you get well soon.
    Love, Mom/Janice

    — Janice Doxtator · Dec 2, 05:06 PM · #