-9°F (-23°C) and the Bears were in the 'Bowl · Feb 5, 09:08 AM

The wind chill is – 30°F (-34°C). No wonder it felt like ice cubes were being stuffed into my sinuses as I walked to the train this morning! I can’t even imagine what it must be like for my parents, who still live in my hometown. It’s -15°F (-26°C) up there, and that’s before the wind chill effect.

Chicago was eerily quiet last night. Part of it was that no one, but no one wanted to be out in the cold. The other part was that a large percentage of the city was glued to the TV, watching the Superbowl.

The bonus for me and Christian, who neither cared about the ‘Bowl nor minded a bit of a chill but did need groceries, was that the Jewel was a ghost town. It was even better than grocery shopping at 3 am, ‘cause that’s when they have all the staff restocking the shelves and clogging the aisles. Last night there was only us, a smattering of other shoppers, and a few bored baggers and check-out clerks.

We were able to park within a hop, skip & a jump of the entrance and zoom thru the shop as we filled our cart. We walked straight up to a teller when we were ready to check out, no waiting behind anyone! As we drove away, I bounced up and down in my seat and clapped my hands: “I wanna do that again! That was so fun! Go Bears!”

But the Bears lost – not that I care. I’m happy for the Colts and their fans. My hope is that the Bears make it back again next year…and the year after…and the year after that…


  1. I think you owe it to the Bears to do something a little more exciting than go to the grocery store when they are in the Super Bowl, not that I care about them either.
    We appreciate the reference to our having it even worse than you did!
    Love, Mom

    — Mom · Feb 11, 10:06 AM · #