Crunchy granola CSA = boring food? · Oct 14, 09:04 PM

We have, as usual, eaten very well this weekend. Our summers and falls are spent on the “vegetable treadmill” (C’s term) as we cook and eat our way thru weekly deliveries from Angelic Organics box”, a CSA farm near the Illinois/Wisconsin border. In addition to a 24-week “vegetable share”, all of which is produce grown on the farm, we get a bi-weekly “fruit share”: organic fruit from the US (mostly). We’re not vegetarians, but from late June to the beginning of December, we very nearly could be!

We still have to go shopping for food (who wants to spend hours making broth? Blah), but we buy much, much less in the veg/fruit section than during the winter and spring. We also eat out a lot less: we know we have food at home. Besides, it would be so sad to let the beautiful red, white and purple radishes, rainbow chard and all the other veggies turn into squishy mush in the crisper…

This weekend’s cuisine has included potage made with leeks, celeriac, potatoes, savoy cabbage and summer savory; “pumpkin” bread, made with the innards of two lovely little sweet dumpling squash; chickpea chili made with butternut squash, eggplant and garlic grown on the farm; and smoky sweet potato purée with garlicky spinach.

The coup de grâce, however, was the arugula salad with pears, oven-dried grapes and roasted shallot dressing. A superb mix of tastes, and the best part was that with the exception of the roasted shallot dressing, everything came from the boxes. Everything.


  1. This food sounds amazing! It reminds me of the kitchen scenes from The Long Engagement. I wish I was there to enjoy.

    Eric · Oct 17, 02:42 AM · #