Pregnancy Press Embargo Lifted · Jun 20, 08:05 AM

Actually, it’s been lifted for several weeks now, but I thought that since the news is fit for publication, it could be shared on our infrequently updated website as well. So yes, I’m pregnant—currently at 18 weeks (just over 4 months) as of mid-June—and the baby is due in mid-November. Due date is Nov 18th but we all know that babies stay on schedule about as well as the CTA does.

We don’t know the sex yet, but I (Susan) want to find out, and Christian isn’t opposed to doing so. For now, his/her name is “Sproglet” (diminiutive of “sprog”, UK/Irish slang for “child”). What we do know is that s/he is healthy and keeping up with growth targets, and s/he is very unlikely to have Down’s syndrome or a couple of similar genetic diseases (hurray!).

As for me—I haven’t had morning sickness, thank goodness, tho’ there have been other fun pregnancy side effects to deal with, like high blood pressure (now controlled), migraines (infrequent and only lasting for hours, not days), and some others even less pleasant than that. However, pregnancy is starting to get fun now: I wasn’t showing for a long time, but I’m starting to. About a third of my pants are too small in the waist, and as growth happens quickly in the second trimester, I can see maternity clothes in my near future!

Christian is looking is forward to becoming a father, and has been tremendously supportive throughout. Being pregnant hasn’t been easy, but it’s much less difficult with such a wonderful partner.


  1. YAY! Oh, how exciting!!! Doing a happy dance over here!

    lorien · Jun 20, 09:04 AM · #