Fun with a Camera Phone · Jul 12, 08:37 PM

The other day we went to see our friends in a fiddler’s competition at the Old Town School. S took a picture with the phone and with help from the Interwebs I copied one of the images over here via Bluetooth. (For the record, option three is the one I found easiest.) I’ve had a phone with a camera for a few months now but felt inhibited about taking pictures that would never leave the phone. No longer. Watch out world!

More detailed instructions:

  1. enable Bluetooth on both phone and computer (Fn-F5 on laptop)
  2. pair the two (right-mouse button menu on Bluetooth icon on laptop toolbar)
  3. “Receive a file” (right-mouse button menu on Bluetooth icon)
  4. view image on phone
  5. select “Options” on phone menu
  6. select “Send”
  7. select “Via Bluetooth”