Life in Expectant-Parent-Land · Sep 20, 06:31 PM

Tying myself up in twelve feet of fabric and sticking a nine-pound baby mannequin down my front – otherwise known as “Babywearing” – that’s life in Expectant-Parent-Land. So is standing in an aisle at Target and pondering the difference between six different brands of baby bottles (and wondering why the hell anybody needs so many different sizes and shapes in the first place, not to mention five different kinds of sterilizers). Oh, yes, and sneezing violently from the dust raised by hauling the computers and desks into the dining room from the office/guestroom, soon to be nursery/guestroom. (I don’t even want to think about trying to find homes for all of the papers and other crap that used to be piled up on said desks.)

Life in Expectant-Parent-Land also means changing all sorts of priorities. Sleep has become very important. So has a good diet. My commitment to regularly attending Quaker meeting faded rapidly when it turned out that Meeting conflicts with pre-natal yoga on Sundays and childbirth education on Wednesdays; and doctor’s appointments trump everything during the work day.

But there are bright sides. It’s wondrous (when occasionally a bit painful) to feel the baby kick and squirm, and I’ve never felt so pleased to see my waistline expand. I feel great for being seven months pregnant – happy, fruitful, confident, balanced. There are worries, naturally, and I’ve had a few hormone meltdowns, but I also feel tremendously supported by family and friends. And C and I have gotten closer – a wonderful, wonderful thing. Truly, I feel blessed.