I could've kissed the OB · Sep 24, 03:41 AM

I could’ve kissed the ultrasound tech, too, for that matter.

Yesterday – Tuesday – was our 32-week ultrasound, the one to determine “route of delivery”, i.e. will Sproglet come out the natural way or will he and I go under the knife at a predetermined time? The reason this was a question was because of a large, inconveniently placed fibroid located behind the birth canal. I’d been put on notice very early on, at around 10 weeks, that I would likely have a C-section birth because of it. Sigh.

Then, at around 24 weeks, the young OB in my practice made noises about “maybe not a C-section after all” and “it’s beneficial to be in labor for a while before having a C-section”. Oh great, I thought, confuse me! I was reconciled to the one and now I have to be prepared for the other? So I asked questions, got more information (tho’ not a definitive yea or nay – that had to wait until the next ultrasound), and we signed up for childbirth education, just in case.

But yesterday the ultrasound tech, as she swiped the transponder around on my ever-growing belly, said, “Ya know, I think the fibroid might not be a problem after all. Let me just see if Dr. S. is here to have a look himself to confirm.” Dr. S. came, and after a few minutes of swiping and looking, said “Yep, we’ll have Dr. M. do the pelvic exam to confirm, but it sure looks like that fibroid got pulled up out of the pelvis as the uterus grew. I think we can definitively confirm that we won’t be doing a scheduled C-section.” (Note the use of “scheduled” – he’s been around long enough to know that other things can come up, and I know that, too. But here’s hoping!)

So while I didn’t kiss the OB, I hugged him, and I fairly skipped and jigged into the next room to have the pelvic exam, which did confirm the first OB’s observations. Sprog is fully head-down and there’s nothing blocking his way out. Hurray!

P.S. Sproglet is now 3 lbs 13 oz (1.8 kg) and from all indications healthy and active. At one point, he even kicked the ultrasound transponder as it swept by his feet: in utero target practice!