Introducing Liam · Nov 29, 01:54 PM

Our son has come! Liam Richard Murphy was born on the night of Tuesday, 28 October, weighing 5 lbs 13 oz (2.6 kg) and measuring 17.25 inches (43.5 cm). We have online pictures of Liam from three days after birth through just last week.

Liam came three weeks earlier than expected (I was induced because of preeclampsia), but he was healthy enough on delivery to go straight into my arms, without pediatric intervention, and was released from the hospital, along with me, after the usual amount of time.

We couldn’t believe it when they let us, underslept as we were, take this little being home from the hospital, and the first few weeks of being new parents were rough. We’ve had some worries and scares, too, such as when Liam wasn’t gaining weight within a week of his birth (he’s now passed his birth weight, hurray!) and when he was hospitalized for a night because of suspected epilepsy (it turned out to be benign sleep myoclonus). My mother, bless her heart, was with us during the weekdays for the first three weeks we were home to help us get used to this parenting thing and keep the household from devolving into complete chaos. Many friends have come through for us with advice, deliveries of food, grocery shopping and other assistance. Now that we are getting more experienced, and Liam is sleeping for longer periods of time, it’s getting easier. Thank goodness.